Workshop Report : Basic tips for KAKENHI application and more! 活動報告

Date : 2016.08.04

Dr Farzaneh Hooman
Jr. Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer),
Institute of Advanced Energy

We successfully completed two workshops on the KAKENHI application in English at KURA Office. Many international researchers from three campuses joined us at the workshop titled ‘Basic tips for KAKENHI application and more!’ held over two days on 25th and 28th of July. The goal of this workshop was to provide the participants with basic ideas along with some tips to help KU researchers to prepare for KAKENHI proposals.

The highlight of the event was the talk by two grantees who successfully have been awarded KAKENHI. Based on their own experiences, they offered the participants several tips and suggestions. The event, organised in collaboration with Research Promotion Office of Kyoto University, was one of our modest efforts to reach out to the international faculty members of Kyoto University to help improve their research environment.

Overall we had positive feedback from the participants and their suggestions will be incorporated in our future planning to further improve the research environment of KU researchers!

Dr Bill Mak
Program Specific (Tokutei) Associate Professor,
Institute for Research in Humanities (Hakubi Centre)

京都大学学術研究支援室(KURA)は7月25日と28日、研究推進部研究推進課との共催で、主に英語で研究活動を行う教職員を対象に、「Basic tips for KAKENHI application and more!」と題したワークショップを開催しました。研究者だけではなく、研究を支援するリサーチ・アドミニストレーター(URA)や職員も参加し、「科研費とは何か」といった基本的ことから、申請準備に向けた情報が英語で提供されました。



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