Kyoto University Research Administration



KANNO Chiyoko

Message for researchers

“Internationalization of Research” is the mission of the International Group at KURA.
Being the leader of this group, I would like to contribute in bridging different values by networking.
My main focus is Europe, in charge of Kyoto University European Center.

Specialized field/skill

Intercultural Communication, Social Anthropology, Political Science, Sociology

What made you decide to become a URA?

I believe “Knowledge is Power”.
And in this era of diversity, we need knowledges to survive this difficult time.
University is and should be the place, where the most advanced science gathers,
and I feel privileged to support the research conducted at the university, hopefully
leading to the well-being and happiness of the global society.


  • B.A, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University
    M.A, Graduate School of International Politics, Economics and Communication, Aoyamagakuin University
    Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan
    Tokyo Foundation
    Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI)
    Research Center of Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo
    VCASI (Virtual Center for Advanced Studies in Institution)
    Global Security Research Institute, Keio University
    JCQ Bilingual Preschool