Kyoto University Research Administration




Message for researchers

I am really curious about your research and work. Please describe how your research life is going on for the rest of the world.

Specialized field/skill

Science Education/Educational Technology, Linguistics, Biochemistry, Biology, Dentistry

What made you decide to become a URA?

I've been fascinated with all kinds of "science" since I was little. However, many people think that science is too difficult and hard to approach. I'd like to introduce the interests and attractiveness of science through supporting researchers as URA.


  • B.S. (Biology), Natural Science Department, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University

    Dental Information Center, GC Corporation

    Marketing Section/Webmaster, Nippon Precision Circuits Inc.

    Translator and editor in multiple English-Japanese websites

    Staff Writer, Asahi Weekly, Asahi Shimbun

    Proofreader and editor, Japan External Trade Organization

    Program Manager, A non-profit international exchange program organization

    Research Administrator, Kyoto University Research Administration Office