Kyoto University Research Administration




Message for researchers

As a member of the International Group, I am mainly in charge of maintaining effective partnerships with foreign universities and organizations as well as providing support for international faculty members at Kyoto University. I hope I can contribute to expanding research capacity by encouraging people from different fields and backgrounds to interact with each other.

Specialized field/skill

English Education, Japanese Education, University Administration, International Partner Programs

What made you decide to become a URA?

I thought URA is best fit for me because I like working “with people” as well as “in academic environment”. Also, I became interested in working more closely with researchers after spending some years at a funding organization.


  • B.A. (Literature), School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Waseda University

    M.A. (TESOL), Hawaii Pacific University

    Program Officer for Leadership Development, Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research

    Specially Appointed Researcher (University Research Administrator), Academic Research and Innovation Management Organization, Chiba University

    M.A. (University Management and Policy Studies), University of Tokyo

    Research Administrator, Kyoto University Research Administration Office

Additional comments

  • Previously, I worked as Program Officer at a private foundation. My main responsibility was to administrate scholarship programs with partner universities across the globe. My work also involved managing follow-up programs to scholarship recipients, such as to provide research grants, social action grants and networking events.
    I am an outdoor person who likes working out, playing softball and traveling in my free time. As I recently moved to Kyoto, I also enjoy visiting shrines and temples in this historical city.