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Meet Your KU Community! (20th June 2024) [Closed]

Fri 7 Jun2024

Welcome to “Meet Your KU Community”! This online networking event is aimed to connect researchers at Kyoto University beyond research areas and faculties.
At our eighth meeting, Dr. Saritha Sudharmma Vishwanathan, at the Graduate School of Engineering, along with Dr. Anjali Sharma, her fellow collaborator from IIT Bombay India will give a talk titled “Just Energy Transitions in India”.
Since the mid-1800s, the industrial revolution has observed the increase in use of fossil fuels, leading to the likely rise of greenhouse gas emissions and short-lived climate pollutants that contribute to climate change. As of 2024, India, the world’s largest democracy and second-largest GHG emitter after China, has an ambition to achieve Net-Zero by 2070. In this talk, Dr. Vishwanathan will provide key insights on how globally India is leading the way to set an example of development-led energy transformations, and Dr. Sharma will present her perspective on the “just aspects” of the energy transitions.


Thursday, June 20th, 2024, 12:10-12:55 pm


Online (Zoom Meeting)




Anyone in Kyoto University (and invited guests) is welcome


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12:10 Introduction
12:10–12:25 Presentation “Just Energy Transitions in India” by Dr. Saritha Sudharmma Vishwanathan
12:25–12:35 Additional comments by Dr. Anjali Sharma
12:35–12:50 Q&A and networking
12:50–12:55 Updates from KURA


Saritha Sudharmma Vishwanathan 

Saritha Sudharmma Vishwanathan
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Engineering

Dr. Saritha Sudharmma Vishwanathan is an Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Engineering. Before KU, she worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Social Systems Division, National Institute for Environmental Studies in Tsukuba, Japan. Her research addresses questions pertaining to energy, water, environment and climate change. The key themes of her research include national modelling and scenarios (energy, industry, transport, buildings, agriculture, GHG emissions, air pollution, water, land, SDGs); socio-technological transitions (energy, industry, urban systems); and climate justice (energy, coal, power, industry). She co-chairs the Scientific Working Group (SWG) on National Scenarios under Integrated Assessment Modelling Consortium (IAMC) along with Prof. Shinichiro Fujimori (KU) and Prof. Roberto Scheffer (COPPE/URFJ, Brazil).


Anjali Sharma 

Anjali Sharma
Assistant Professor, Centre of Policy Studies at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay

Dr. Anjali Sharma is an Assistant Professor at the Centre of Policy Studies at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay in India, currently visiting Kyoto University. The aim of Anjali’s work is to inform just transition pathways for low-carbon transitions. She is particularly interested in exploring how developing countries can meet their development goals while pursuing ambitious climate action.


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