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<Review services for the following categories of KAKENHI are now open>
 ・Specially Promoted Research
 ・Scientific Research(S)
 ・Scientific Research(A)

The JSPS has announced several new changes for KAKENHI FY2023 calls. (Unofficial English translation by KURA)

1.How does KAKENHI work?

2.KURA’s Support for KAKENHI Application

  • Seminars/briefing sessions  NEW!
    You can check the latest information for briefing sessions and workshops on how to write application forms.
  • Registration for individual review services  NEW!
    In accordance with the assessment criteria, we ensure that the academic significance of your research stands out and assist you in enhancing the readability and visual impact of your proposal.
  • Mock screening interview
    Candidates of interview* for KAKENHI applications will be informed directly by the Research Promotion Division of Kyoto University administration. 
  • Guidelines for Writing KAKENHI Proposals [3rd Edition] (On-campus only)
    The third edition of Guidelines for Writing KAKENHI Proposals published in August 2019 is available. Please send a request from here.

3.Useful Materials for KAKENHI applicants 

Handouts used at past seminars and other useful materials are accumulated here.
Click here for details of Japanese seminars including the video.  NEW!

4.Funding programs linked with KAKENHI applications



Please contact the administration office concerned for matters regarding the following:

-confirmation of KAKENHI qualification requirements,
-obtaining an e-Rad (or KAKENHI Online Application System) ID,
-modification of your information (including adding the date of obtaining PhD degree for Early-Career Scientist applicants) in e-Rad and so on.

If you do not know the local contact address, KURA can help you find one.
Other than above, please contact KURA.

Ext. 16-5164 or 075-753-5164|