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Academic Support

Providing occasion to establish International and Interdisciplinary Networking

KURA provides occasion for researchers to establish international and interdisciplinary networking.

We URA ourselves are fostering international and interdisciplinary networking with long-term staying at Overseas Offices and academic support on campus. For supporting creative research activities, URA is responding inquiries from inside and outside Kyoto University by offering our network and know-how we cultivated.

For example, KURA has offered occasion to establish the internal research team for launching “Japan-ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation Platform (JASTIP): Promotion of Sustainable Development Research”, and developed projects promoting communication and connection among ambitious early-career researchers, such as【間: AI DA】program and Kyoto University IPCC weeks 2019 events. When you need a clue to connection with a country or region that you have never been involved with or a research field that is different from yours, please feel free to contact us.

Example of past events and support

・Networking, exchanging event with the theme of solving global and regional common issues

(e.g., Kyoto University IPCC weeks 2019:


・Talking event based on UN’s “SDGs” as interdisciplinary keywords

(e.g., Kamogawa Talk: Bridging German-Japan cultural & academic interaction towards SDGs


・Supporting for launching interdisciplinary project by leveraging wide-range international network URA have outside/inside university

(e.g., Supporting for launching“Japan-ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation Platform (JASTIP): Promotion of Sustainable Development Research”:


・Providing an internal grant and international exchanging occasion for early carrier researchers who are interested in developing their international academic career

(e.g., 【AI DA】program aims to promote step-up in career of early carrier researchers:


Networking event for international faculty members  “Research Connect at Katsura



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