Kyoto University Research Administration






Before finalizing the logo, a series of workshops were held to discuss KURA’s current and future activities.
As a result of these discussions, the KURA team jointly envisioned that the organization could serve as something similar to an amplifier or a synthesizer for researchers at the University, each of whom have their own unique “waves”. We hope that the logo conveys our hope to synchronize with a wide variety of researchers, and to amplify these individual waves for transmission to the wider world.

This logo was created when the Kyoto University Research Administration Office (KURA) was established in 2012.
Its thoughts will be inherited even after it becomes the Kyoto University Research Administration Center (KURA) in 2022.

Akio Okumura

奥村 昭夫


Designer, visiting professor at Kyoto University
Professor Okumura has worked on the Visual Identity for the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application at Kyoto University, Ezaki Glico and ROHTO Pharmaceutical, the DIAMOR Osaka logo, the Kyoto University website and packaging for Ezaki Glico, Gekkeikan, Cow Brand Soap, House Foods and the Kintetsu Department Store.

His publications include Design Discovery (Rikuyosha), Chinese Star Signs (Amus Arts Press), Okumura’s Graphics, Okumura’s Package and Okumura’s VI System (Kosai art Publishings Ltd.).

He has been awarded the Suntory Encouragement Prize, Asahi Advertising Award, Hong Kong Graphic Design Award, NY ADC Award, NY TDC Judges’ Choice Award and others.