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計画調書のブラッシュアップや模擬面接、公募説明会の開催を行っています。科研費の公募情報と、学内の申請支援情報を集約した【科研費申請支援ポータル】A. Application Support for KAKENHIInternal KURA supports KU faculty members, by brushing up their proposals, conducting mock interviews, in acquiring various governmental funding other than KAKENHI, such as the following funding programs and others. If you are interested in Japanese governmental funds, please feel free to contact us.CREST/PRESTO/ACT-X & AMED-CREST/PRIME 2020 Moonshot Research and Development Program Environment Research and Technology Development Fund (ERTDF) – ERCA Souhatsu / Fusion Oriented REsearch for disruptive Science and Technology A-STEP (Adaptable and Seamless Technology Transfer Program through Target-driven R&D)B. Application Support for Governmental Funding Programs KURA supports KU faculty members in applying for private funding programs by brushing up their proposals and conducting mock interviews. As KURA has compiled information on research grants that accept English proposals and listed them for English language users, please contact us if you are interested in private funding programs that accept applications in English. Grant information【YARI】Kyoto University Grants Information Database List of Research Grants for English language usersC. Application Support for Private Funding Programs KURA supports applicants for international funding programs as well as domestic ones.D. Application Support for International Funding Programs KURA provides consulting services to KU faculty members regarding crowdfunding (CF). If you are interested in crowdfunding, please feel free to contact us.E. Crowdfunding-related Consultations KURA has compiled information on any domestic and international research funding programs in order to deliver information to KU faculty members via e-mail, briefing sessions and database as needed【YARI】Kyoto University Grants Information Database Information on each research funding program(Japanese Only)F. Providing Information on External Funding Programs KURA designs and manages a wide range of internal grants to support research that are international, interdisciplinary or crosses the boundaries beyond academia.SPIRITSThe program seeks to promote research which crosses interdisciplinary, international, and interpersonal boundaries. Cross-sectoral Research Platform Development Program This is an internal grant to start an interdisciplinary research.AI DA DAAD-Kyoto University Partnership Programme The program promotes internationalization of research developed and establishment of early carrier researchers’ academic networks in Germany.The Canon Foundation in Europe grant (Japanese Only) The Canon Foundation Kyoto University Japan-Africa Exchange Program supports the exchange program for early-career researchers between Japan and Africa.G. Management of Internal Funding Programs for International and Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research KURA supports strategic acquisition of KAKENHI by researchers at various stages.ISHIZUE supports KU researchers who are considering further expansion of their research to help them obtain KAKENHI in larger research categories. Start-up is designed for newly joined faculty members.Core Stage Back-Up is support program for past high KAKENHI category awardees, who intend to apply for higher category in KAKENHI.H. Management of Internal Funding Programs for KAKENHI Aspirants I. KURA provides advice on the visualisation, dissemination and evaluation of research achievements KURA supports KU faculty members to hold a matching event to launch an interdisciplinary research group as well as each interdisciplinary matching. “Matchmaking” Event for Cross-Disciplinary Research with the Goal of Joint Article Publication Researchers exchange feedback on his/her research ideas. You may find a future research partner! All-Field Networking Meeting Cross-sectoral Research Platform Development Program Supports planning interdisciplinary workshopsJ. Support for Creating Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research KURA works to advance international joint research projects starting from finding the right partner while leveraging Kyoto University Overseas Offices. Please contact us for detailed information.K. International Collaborative Research Matching Support KURA supports to share KU research seeds and networking with businesses. In addition to the below, KURA assists faculty members to conclude a comprehensive partnership agreement and establish organizational cooperation.Industrial Day SPIRITS (Society-Government-Academia Co-creation for Innovation) funding All-Field Networking Meeting (Japanese Only)L. Sharing Research Seeds and Matching Support with Businesses KURA supports you with post-funding phases from the launch, operation, to compilation of research results, for institutional projects or other large-scale project to create a research hub/platform, including Elements Strategy Initiative project, JST international joint research programs(e.g.,. SICORP), JST industry-academia collaboration programs (e.g., Program on Open Innovation Platform with Enterprises (OPERA), Creating a platform for dialogue to drive innovation), while hosting workshops about how to manage such a large-scale project.M. Post-funding Support for Large-scale Projects from the Launch, Operation KURA supports setting up a research unit within the university to ensure institutional capacity of your research project. Please contact us for detailed information.N. Support for Establishing Research Unit KURA supports to manage and conduct research projects funded by internal grant such as SPIRITS, AI DA, Cross-sectoral Research Platform Development Program.O. Post-award Support for Internally-funded Projects KURA is hosting skill-up seminars and workshops to write paper and make slide show, poster to present findings.P. Support for Academic Writing and Presentation KURA offers advice and hosts a workshop on reaching out to non-specialists about your research through the internet or mass media while advising on dissemination of information and strategically publicizing of research projects.KURA organizes a dialogue between science and society.Kyoto University Academic Day (Japanese Only)IPCC weeks(Japanese Only)【Answer book for making website】【Answer book for Press Release】for disseminating research through the mass mediaQ. Disseminating Research Results to and Communication with the Public KURA operates a portal site contains information on new publications by researchers affiliated with Kyoto University, and assists international book publishing, mainly for humanities and social sciences.Information and advice on publishing overseas (for researchers in social sciences and humanities)Book Open Access SupportDissemination of information about new publications on the website “Publications by Kyoto University Researchers”R. Support for Book Publishing KURA offers advice and hosts a workshop on intellectual property management and contracts.S. Advice on Intellectual Property Management and Contracts KURA offers advice on using shared facilities and equipment in Kyoto University. Please contact us for details.T. Advice on Use of Shared Equipment KURA provides KU researchers with various advice on open data and open access-related in addition to the information below. Please contact us for more details. FY2020 Support Program for the Article Processing Charge (APC) of Open Access Journals “Michibiki”MICHIBIKI michibiki Book Open Access SupportU. Support for Open Data and Open Access KURA hosts workshops for improvement of the skills of early career researchers.V. Support for Skill Development of Early Career Researchers KURA sets up occasion for researchers to establish international and interdisciplinary networking.W. Providing Occasion to Establish International and Interdisciplinary Networking KURA manages internal funding programs that support researchers to create their own visions of a future society and eager to move forward to realize it. Kyoto University 125th Anniversary Fund Kusunoki 125 Book Open Access SupportInternal Funding Programs for Independent Research Based on Researchers’ Long-term VisionInternal

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