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Program overview

“CREST, PRESTO, ACT-X” and “AMED-CREST/PRIME” are top-down competitive external funds to promote innovation-oriented research. At Kyoto University, URAs provide application support to researchers. The most important feature of top-down competitive external funding is that research area is set and research projects that meet the objectives of that area will be selected for funding. Therefore, we build schemes for obtaining external funding, including active outreach to researchers and the acquisition and provision of information on the field, and contribute to the acquisition of external funding for our university. In addition, as a measure to maintain and improve Japan’s research capabilities, URAs will contribute to building a foundation for researchers to conduct research that meets the demands of society.

URA in charge


For application support



Feedback from researchers

【Application Review】
・We received the information very promptly and had meetings with URAs from the structural stage.
・In the “consultation at the structural stage,” various ideas were generated through discussions and these ideas were actually added to the application.
・We were pointed out where to improve on the proposal in a high level and objective manner.

【Mock Interview】
・I could use my memos from the questions and comments I received in the mock hearing and carefully prepare for the question and answer session in the actual event.
・The questions I received in the mock interview were more difficult than in the actual one. Thanks to this, I could answer the questions without getting stuck in the actual Q&A session.
・The positive feedback from the mock interview was deeply appreciated and gave me confidence.

【The Whole】
​・We can assure that URAs also have the perspectives of researchers.