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Support for International Funding Programs

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Program overview

This is the program to support researchers who aim to obtain large overseas research funds. Specifically, in cooperation with department administrative offices in charge, KURA provides information through information sessions, review application forms (in terms of English writing and/or specialized contents) and support signing and accounting procedures with regard to the research funds such as Horizon 2020, National Institutes of Health, and AXA Research Fund. We support not only large research funds, but also other overseas funds that individuals apply for (Harvard Yenching Program, Abe Fellowship, etc).

Group in charge

Leader: SAKAMOTO Tsubasa URA

Feedback from researchers

【Harvard Yenching Program applicant】
・I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your great kind and detailed guidance.
(Regarding future research) The clarification of the goal setting and the pathway has given me more energy
to continue continuously my research.

【Horizon2020 applicant】
・Thank you very much for your help. It literally would not have been possible without your help.

【AXA Research Fund Postdoc Program applicant】
・I really appreciate your generous help and support through the application process. Thank you very much.