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Program overview

This is an internal funding program to support researchers who aim to further develop their research and step up their categories in obtaining KAKENHI.
Specifically, this program provides financial support to researchers who are challenging for a higher research category in KAKENHI than the highest one granted as a research representative in the past. In addition, we strive to provide detailed support not only in terms of funding but also research content by cooperating with KAKENHI Application Support Task Force of Kyoto University Research Administration Office (KURA). And we conduct a pre-survey annually to build an effective funding program according to research phase and age, and design a system based on the result. Through planning, designing, operating, evaluating and improving the program, we also aim to enhance the project management skills of URAs.

Group in charge

Leader: SUGAI Yoshinori URA

Feedback from successful applicants

・The financial research support to obtain KAKENHI in a higher research category helped us avoid a situation where we would have had to give up continuing our research due to lack of funding otherwise and even encouraged me a lot to challenge for bigger funds.

・The application form of [Ishizue] stimulates a multifaceted analysis of the research we are currently working on with the goal of being selected for KAKENHI and the questionnaires were designed to highlight the deficiency points. Therefore, it was a good opportunity for me to review my own research. This was definitely a big help for me to be selected for KAKENHI later on. I will continue to prepare the “application form of [Ishizue]” in advance when applying for KAKENHI.

・I think that the support from Ishizue helped me to prepare well for the application of KAKENHI, and a visit by KURA staff and their friendly consultation and proposal review were actually very helpful for me.

・After receiving notification of rejection of KAKENHI in April, I was informed that I could receive follow-up services from Ishizue. The time between submitting my research proposal and being selected for Ishizue was short, and I think it’s great that a very speedy system has been established.