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Cross – Sectoral Research Platform Development Program

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Program overview

This is an internal fund to financially and technically support researchers with an idea for interdisciplinary research to form a research team or network, and organize a meeting or workshop to create pathways to tackle issues.
This is where interdisciplinary research begins – how do novel ideas and passionate motivation grow into something more? We’ll help you realize your ideas!

Group in charge

Feedback from successful applicants

・Inviting speakers from far away helps us build nationwide networks. By publicizing the event as an open event to the public, the purpose of our activities was conveyed to the public, and more people are approaching us on business trips and at academic conferences.
・By deeply considering mutual commonalities, we could universalize different behaviors, and find out keywords such as behavior modification and altruism. We reaffirmed that we need to go beyond the existing disciplines and approach the field in an interdisciplinary manner to get closer to the goal of our research.

(・The workshop gave us an opportunity to meet and develop our argument. It was our first opportunity to present our findings to an audience, and we found it very beneficial to think about how to communicate our argument orally within the time constraints. We also received many useful comments from the audience, some of which we deem important enough to address in the manuscript [we are preparing for publication].)