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Crowdfunding-related Consultations

Crowdfunding (CF) is a way of raising finance by asking a large number of potential funders and organizations each for money or cooperation through the internet. These days, more and more private sectors are setting CF system on the official website in Japan.
KURA hosts briefing sessions on how to start CF and provides one-to-one consultation for researchers using CF to acquire research funds or publicize their research.
Please contact us if you are interested in CF to raise research funds or publicize your research activity to the public, and our CF handbook of how to deal with CF for KU research staff and administrative officers (internal only).

Crowdfunding-related Briefing Materials (in Japanese only) (Internal Access Only)

  1. “Toranomaki” about acquiring research funds using crowdfunding
  2. Materials for academist, the academic crowdfunding website
  3. Materials for READYFOR Co., Ltd.
  4. Presentation for research results “Toranomaki” : the press release edition

Hosting a briefing session related to crowdfunding

Reports of briefing sessions

KURA HOUR “Encouragement of Crowdfunding” Dec 2016
The KURA acquiring research funds seminar ”Encouragement of Crowdfunding” Nov 2018


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