Kyoto University Research Administration


Academic Support

Post-funding support for large-scale projects from the launch, operation, to compilation of research results

KURA supports you with post-funding phases from the launch, operation, to compilation of research results, for institutional projects or other large-scale project to create a research hub/platform, including Elements Strategy Initiative project, JST international joint research programs(e.g.,. SICORP), JST industry-academia collaboration programs (e.g., Program on Open Innovation Platform with Enterprises (OPERA), Creating a platform for dialogue to drive innovation), while hosting workshops about how to manage such a large-scale project.

Workshops on planning and managing program which aims to address issues

  • MEXT Elements Strategy Initiative project
  • MEXT The Inter-University Exchange Project (IUEP)
  • MEXT Program on Open Innovation Platform with Enterprises, Research Institute and Academia.
  • MEXT Quantum Leap Flagship Program(Q-LEAP)
  • MEXT WISE Program: Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education [Faculty of Medicine]
  • MEXT Strategic Professional Development Program for Young Researchers
  • JST/AMED-JICA Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS)
  • JST-Creating Platform for Co-creation program [OPERA and so on]
  • JST-Mirai Program
  • JSPS-The World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI) [ASHBi]
  • AMED programs (e.g., GAPFREE2, Basic Science and Platform Technology Program for Innovative Biological Medicine, Research on Development of New Drugs)
  • MAFFF Interdisciplinary research 異分野融合研究
    and so on


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