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Program overview

The goal of KAKENHI Application Support Task Force is to contribute to the sustainable development of research by providing application support for KAKENHI.
KURA has been supporting application for KAKENHI by publishing “Guidelines for Writing KAKENHI Proposals”.Internal Since 2013, we have also been seeking to “enhance the application support system for individual researchers” by taking advantage of the establishment of URA offices in each department.
KAKENHI Application Support Task Force is helping researchers to obtain the necessary amount of KAKENHI to conduct their research by gathering our accumulated knowledge and utilizing the merits of scale of organizational integration. We will also aim to provide stronger support to strengthen our collaboration with Ishizue, an internal funding program to support researchers who are seeking to advance to the next level of KAKENHI. In addition, our biggest goal is to achieve a “virtuous cycle of support for research” that not only to support application for KAKENHI but also to extend support for obtaining other external funding and launch a joint research.

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