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Disseminating research results to and communication with the public

There are increasing cases for researchers themselves to engage in activities related to research publicity, such as outreach to society and dialogue with people. Disseminating research is beneficial tool to promote research. URA with specialty and skill for publicizing research achievements supports not only each researcher and research project but also organizational or university’s needs and issues related with research publicity.

KURA provides advice and workshops on reaching out to non-specialists about your research, internet utilization, utilizing the mass-media, dissemination of information and public relations strategies for research projects.

If you need our advice about publicizing research achievement, please feel free to contact us.

Supporting “Scientific and Technological Dialogues with the Public” (two-way communication activity)

Kyoto University Academic Day

Seminars for research publicity

How to reach out your research through the mass-media(KURA HOUR)
How to reach out to non-specialists about your research(KURA HOUR)

Guidebooks on publicizing research achievements

【Answer book for making website】
【Answer book for Press Release】for disseminating research through the mass media

Examples of supporting hosting event, advice

Planning and hosting【IPCC weeks】, in which next-generation researchers discussed climate change and environmental issues.


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