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KURA provides advice on the visualisation, dissemination and evaluation of research achievements

As part of its support for university management and research strategy management, KURA is responsible for Research IR (Institutional Research). It provides advice to university faculty / staff members on the visualisation and dissemination of research achievements based on bibliographic information and on the effective promotion of achievements.

<Examples of advice provided>

  • Analysis of departmental strengths using various publication indices
  • Analysis of departmental strengths and comparison with other universities
  • Advice on selecting appropriate indicators for research evaluation
  • Providing publication lists of departments


Consultations on the compilation of publication data and research strength analysis are available at any time. For more information, please contact us.

Reports on research strength evaluation and analysis, as well as commentaries on research strength indicators based on bibliographic information, are also available at any time.

About Using InCites Benchmarking (Internal Access Only)

InCites Benchmarking is a research performance analysis tool provided by Clarivate Analytics (former Thomson Reuters), which analysis is based on research papers and their citation information in the Web of Science.
Using various indicators such as Top 10% papers, high-impact journals, and international co-authored papers, research performance can be easily analyzed at the unit level such as research institutions, researchers, departments, and projects.

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User Registration for InCites Benchmarking (2022) [PDF].
InCites Benchmarking Quick Reference Guide (January 2022 Edition) [PDF].(in Japanese only)

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Guide to visualize research achievements                   

Visualize your research achievements by using author profiles and organize them. By showcasing the influence and impact of your research achievements, other researchers will find your research performance easier and as a result, this in turn contributes to grant and fellowship applications, promotions and the enhancement of researchers’ reputations.

Reports on research evaluation and analysis                    

For details, please refer to the Japanese page.


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