Kyoto University Research Administration



Guidance on the visualization, presentation and evaluation of research achievements


We provide Kyoto University’s faculty and staff members useful information on research analytics and assessment systems, as well as advice on how to use bibliographic data to visualize and present research achievements, and effective ways of promoting them.


How to Organize Research Outputs—ORCID iD and Other Researcher Identifiers Internal

Information on ORCID iD, the benefits of organizing research outputs using Web of Science Researcher ID, Kyoto University’s Activity Database on Education and Research, etc., as well as how to simplify research output management by linking these tools.

How to Use InCites Internal

Information on InCites, a research analytics and evaluation tool offered by Clarivate Analytics.

Seminars and Reports on Research Analytics and Assessment (Links to a page in Japanese) Internal

Information about KURA’s IR Seminar Series and reports on research analytics and assessment.


Guidance on Analyzing Departmental Research Outputs

We also offer hands-on seminars, information provision, and guidance to departments on research analytics and assessment.

<Examples of guidance we provide>

Analysis of departmental strengths using various publication indices
Analysis of departmental strengths and comparison with other universities
Advice on selecting appropriate indicators for research evaluation
Providing publication lists of departments


Consultations on the compilation of publication data and analysis of research strengths are available at any time. For more information, please contact us.

Reports on evaluation and analysis of research strengths, as well as commentaries on research strength indicators based on bibliographic information, are also available at any time.



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Kyoto University Research Administration Center (KURA)
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