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Support for Skill Development of Early Career Researchers

Towards research activity in the next generation, researchers have crossed numerous unexplored areas through research such as international joint research, interdisciplinary research, industry-academia collaboration. No one knows unexplored areas next-generation researchers will head into.

KURA Supporting Program for the Next Generation of Scholars is hosting seminars, and compiles and dismisses useful information based on survey and analysis on needed supports.

Researchers in the middle of their careers, who are responsible for the next generation, are constantly moving among research sites. Through supporting early career researchers, KURA catches up diversifying research activities and assists to revitalize their research.

“Life as a Scholar” seminar

“Life as a Scholar” seminar is a series of seminars/workshops, based on interviewing scholars and supports by KURA Supporting Early Career Researchers team, organized to form opportunities for early career researchers to obtain the know-how necessary to promote research activities independently and systematize such opportunities.

Schedule for “Life as a Scholar”seminars (under planning)

Seminars are held every 2nd Tuesday afternoon (scheduled. Please see the event section for details). The following topics will be considered at the future seminars:

Management of acquiring other funding than KAKENHI

Skill for daily management of information on private research funding and to acquire research funding flexibly

Scholars’ career design

Workshops regarding appeal as a researcher, research concept and structure, career building as a researcher (how to write CV, job application form, research achievement)

Release research findings・Open science (providing necessary knowledge on publicizing research achievement)

Academic writing (paragraph writing, how to write paper in English), book publishing/process of publishing overseas, writings for the public, press release

Past seminars as “KURA hour” (-FY2018)

e.g., Academic writing seminar, Seminar for writing press release documents, Seminar for seeking external funding information, Workshop for writing proposal


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