Kyoto University Research Administration


Academic Support

Post-award Support for Internally-funded Projects

The liaison URA assigned to the successful project keeps supporting the project providing information on external funding sources and advice on outreach and publicity, so that the research project can develop outside of Kyoto University after conclusion of funding period. KURA assigns other competent URA who is more experienced together with the liaison URA to provide best supporting for each project.


  • Regular consultation upon request
  • Checking in on project progress
  • Providing advice on event planning, and publicity
  • Sharing Kyoto University resources, personnel, and frameworks (such as agreements with other universities)
  • Providing information on related policies overseas, in Japan, and at Kyoto University
  • Providing project management advice to team members so that they will grow as project manager-type research project leaders
  • Providing information and application assistance for external funding sources

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Cross-sectoral Research Platform Development Program

  • Advice on a conference (e.g., how to organize a conference, how to facilitate discussion)
  • Introduce persons who may be able to collaborate
  • Advice on facilitation of conference (e.g., how to encourage productive discussions)
  • Advice and support on announcements (e.g., advertisement on email newsletter)
  • Supporting design to order flyer, make a catchphrase
  • Building registration form, providing web conference system, advertisement on the project website

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  • Providing information on German research institutes and for travel to Germany, seeking a host researcher, supporting needed procedure to stay in Germany.
  • Resident URA at Kyoto University European Center (Heidelberg office) supports coordination with the host university in Germany depending on the situation.
  • Supporting launch joint research after stay at Germany institute
  • Providing information and application support on external funds to promote research exchange
  • Supporting publicity and outreach the result of long-term-stay in Germany and research to the public

For more details, please read past dispatched “Researcher’s report” About Kyoto University European Center


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