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Call for Application: DAAD-Kyoto University Partnership Programme towards SDGs 2023-2024

*The call for 2023-2024 is closed (15 September 2022)

DAAD-Kyoto University Partnership Programme towards SDGs 2023 – 2024

– Program Types
Type 1: Mutual ECRs’ mobility between a German university / research institution and Kyoto University (KU)
    (Two-ways: ECRs exchanged between KU and German Research Groups)
Type 2: Sharing ECR(s)’ mobility from Kyoto University to a German university / research institution
    (One-way: KU ECR(s) to German Host Research Group)
Type 3: Sharing ECR(s)’ mobility from a German university / research institution to Kyoto University
    (One-way: German ECR(s) to KU Host research Group)


– Scholars / researchers / research groups in all academic fields at Kyoto University having / planning joint research projects with German partners.
– Projects must comprise the exchange of Early Career Researchers (ECR) such as students still pursuing their doctoral degrees and scientists who obtained their PhD degrees no longer than 5 years ago.
– The funds of this programme are provided ONLY to ECR’s mobility belonging to Kyoto University.


– Amount: Max. 1,000,000 JPY
(Eg. International air fare, accommodation costs, registration fee for participating symposium and conference, and necessary consumables.)
– URAs in KURA and staff in DAAD Tokyo will support networking, funding, and introducing researchers.
– Term of project: fund starts on 1 April 2023 (in Kyoto) / 1 January 2023 in Germany (by DAAD).

Application / Evaluation Process

– Application period: from 15 June to 15 September 2022.
– Review and individual interview (if necessary): mid of September to November 2022.
– Result: to be announced in late November 2022.


Please submit the applications form (Project description) to KURA: AIDA team via e-mail.
E-Mail: aida* (Replace*with@)

Application form (Project Description)

*An applicant in Kyoto University and his / her German partner are asked to prepare the common application form after mutual negotiations.

Reference: Research Profile Template

Application in Type 1 or Type 3: In addition to the submission of the abovementioned application form to KURA via e-mail, the German partner should complete and file the required application documents at DAAD portal.

For Researchers in Germany, please refer to the application procedures on the DAAD website (Partnerschaftsprogramm mit der Universität Kyoto).

Supplemental information

* Please note that application process for Type 2 has been changed and filing of any document to DAAD by a Type 2 applicant is waived. (1 Sep 2021)

Flow chart of application process

Documents to be submitted (after selected)